Hi JP, I just wanted to send you a photo of Rex and I with the Rolls we bought from you. Our Wives love the car as well as we do. I had the fenders and trunk and top painted a dark grey and it looks fantastic. The Body guy took two months to do it and got every little ding out of it. We also had the top chrome plating shop that is featured in magazines re chrome the bumper and RR emblem as well as all 4 wheel covers. It looks like a new car. I will send you two more photos of it. It runs fantastic. I just got an oil change, Filter and new fan belt and it is quiet as a mouse. My Rolls Royce specialist in Hayward has been working on Rolls and Bentleys for 28 years and he said it is a fantastic car. Thanks again for your honesty about the car. Mark.

P.S. Rex is on the left and Mark is on the right with the chauffer cap and RR T-Shirt. You can put our picture below your ad for the Rolls showing who it was sold to and how happy we are with it.

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