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Here we have a beautiful 1933 Auburn Salon Speedster that was built on a original Auburn model 8105 chassis that started it's life as a sedan. Everything you see but the body is original Auburn ; lights , fenders , bumpers instruments , steeringwheel , trim , all of that ! Car was done professionally by a Auburn expert restorer. Even the colours were taken from a original colorchart. Has the Salon 12 knock - off wheels with 60 spokes , Salon 12 headlight lenses and currently the V12 salon emblem in the grille. The engine is a 327 cu. V8 from GM , with an automatic trans that is shifted by the original freewheeling stick on the floor. Powerdiscbrakes and steering and evn has hidden airconditioning ! 1975 Chrysler Imperial rearend enables you to go freeway speeds without any worries. The specially built hardtop which is fiberglass , was built using a mold that was taken off a one-off original hardtop, that a fellow had built in Germany for his car back in the 30's , and was made here in U.S. many years later after that car returned to the U.S. ( you can actually buy a raw fiberglass version now if you want one ) One cannot tell this car from the original , and it should NOT be compared to the reproductions of the later model Auburns , not even the Glen Pray built ones ; this is a completely different animal in a league of its own , folks ! Truly a one-time oppurtunity to own this unique and beautiful work of rolling art ! Sold , thank you !

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