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I seem to be aqquiring a taste for American La France Speedsters lately ; first I purchased the 1915 van Blerck , and now I have this really cool Balloon car Speedster to put next to it ! This particular car seems to have been refurbished and looks very clean all over. All mechanics appear to be standard , and she ( should we call it a she ? In that case it's " Big Mama "! ) runs and drives fine. Sure could use some powersteering though ; I respect the former firemen even more now I understand the meaning of " powersteering by armstrong " , wow ! But , as you're rolling , you're fine. Just don't try parallelparking her in a tight spot unless you work out 3 times a week..The original old balloonbasket was once owned by a famous balloonist , who passed away attempting to fly around the world. I plan to install 2 benchseats with safetybelts in the basket. As you may know , in the early days ( and still I think ) they had special cars to retrieve the balloons from some farmersfield ( after bribing the farmer with a bottle of champagne for plowing his field ) ans so this was designed to do just that. Ofcourse you can use it to cruise to your local Publix and have the guys slap your groceries in the basket ! Or take it on a Classic car tour. In any event , you're guaranteed loads of fun !!! Price on request , pls call , thanks. + 1 954 5250600 SOLD !! MERCI DENIS !

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