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This beautiful Duesenberg Continuation car is one of only 7 or 8 ever produced. ( hey , talk about LIMITED production ; this is it ! ) but it's the best one I've EVER owned of the Dual Cowl models , and I don't mean to brag , but I have owned quite a few ; just go to the homepage , click on search website , and fill Duesenberg in and click on submit , you'll see what I mean..What's more important , it is also the very , very last one built , and she has all the options and features I would normally try to add , like the correct steering wheel , dash , handbrake , floorshifter etc. The car has a hidden turnsignalswitch , radio / cd too ! She was built to order for the owner , with an open checkbook and I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase her later from the estate , when the original owner passed on.. Has full sidecurtainset also. Awesome car in supernice condition with only 10 K miles and always stored and babied in a climate controlled garage. The only thing I had to do was to put my Rene Lalique " tete d'aigle " Eagle head ( that lights up at night ) on the grille , some badges and a nice shifterknob I had purchased in Hershey years ago..( sorry folks ,Lalique does NOT come with the car ) The engine is a powerful 5.8.liter fuel injected Ford V8 , coupled to a automatic trans with overdrive , and ofcourse you'll have powersteering , power disc brakes , airconditioning ( hidden controls ) all the correct looking gauges , altimeter , the works. Even has the optional and expensive pilotray lights upfront. Now ,I sold a very nice original 1932 Duesenberg Derham Tourster a few months ago in Arizona ; it was a great car but I never drove that one anywhere ; too much of a paranoia factor for me on that one ; you have to be a millionaire not to care ! THIS car you can drive anywhere with no fear of breaking down and having to hunt down or fabricate parts. A real joy to drive and own , and a very impressive car that commands respect and creates good vibes everywhere you go...Count on a figure between the $ 200- 240 K mark if you want to own the only one and BEST Duesenberg reproduction ever built ; there simply is no other one..TOO LATE ! SOLD , SORRY !

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