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Here we have a nice Auburn Speedster Replica with all the right ingredients : Powerful GM Driveline ( Buick ), great colour , aut.trans , powersteering / brakes ,airconditioning and a new softtop. I've known this car personally for around 10 years ; it's local owner Dennis loved the car and we met many times at local shows. It's for this reason that I stepped up and paid a fairly hefty amount for this car. Dennis passed on and the car needs a good home now. What some other people who know about this car may not know , is that Dennis spent a good chunk of money getting this California Custom Coach built car upgraded and restored by Speedstermotorcars , a wellknown Florida company , who has built the latest generation of great Auburn Speedsters. It not only shows , but you can feel it when you drive this baby ; it's tight, tight , tight ! None of the common rattles or shakes when you hit a pothole or cross some railroadtracks. I drove it on I95 at 80 mph ( shhhst ) and she rode like a champ while people were tooting there horns all around me..Dennis had a great time with it for 10 years and now it's your chance to be it's temporary custodian. Apart from some minor cosmetics due to age , like a paintchip or a small scratch etc. this car is a great car , ready for you to enjoy , and why should'nt you ? It's always later than you think Sir ; it's time to play ! ofcourse we can arrange shipping to your doorstep anywhere on the Globe ! SOLD ! Thank you Fred & Mary Kay !

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