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A very rare , true Glenn Pray built 1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster , one of the earlier ones built in 1969 , with rare bigblock 428 cu. , or 429cu. , 4 spd and only 25000 orig. miles showing. Marked as actual miles on the title too , and if you look at the car's enginebay and underneath , you'll easily believe it , unlike some of the other Auburns advertised with redicously low miles. Go ask those sellers if the miles are documented and most probably , they'll tell you the miles are "exempt " ! take a good look at their car , and in some cases you'll see updated odometers that did'nt even exist in the 80's ; Not so with this car ! This is truly a beautiful car inside and out. Excellent , shiny red paint which is slightly customised ,but very tastefully done, and easy to undo if not to your taste. . This beauty also drives great ; smooth transmission and great suspension . This is NOT a rattlecage like a lot of other non - factory built cars. The exhaust pipes are functional too ! Rare woodlites were an option at the time , and look great ! ( we can change those too if you don't like them. We have the following that can go with the car : new doorhandles , new correct hoodornament that needs to be polished and chromed , and chrome headlights , all in a box ) ) Do your home work , and you'll see why the Glenn Pray built cars fetch much more money than their period built competitors cars. These cars are built like a tank , and they rightly command a premium above any other Auburns. Being built by Glenn P. , they also are collectable , and the AACA will allow them now in their " second generation vehicle classes " . You are also welcome in the Auburn , Cord , Duesenberg club , which holds many meetings a year , the best one in Auburn , Indiana , where you are eligible to join the yearly parade inbetween all the heavy duty original clubcars ! A great , timeless design Speedster , ready for you to enjoy and cruise anywhere. Can ship to your doorstep anywhere at a very reasonable rate too ! DEAL PENDING , THANK YOU RON !

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