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ASK THE MAN WHO OWNS ONE , right ? Well , here we go : This rare and beautiful 1929 Series 640 Coupe has the optional Goddess of Speed hood ornament , rumbleseat , trunkrack and trunk , discwheels and a cool wind down rearwindow so you can speak with your mother in law when it starts to rain ( or, depending on your relationship , you may want to sabotage the mechanism :-) ) The engine has recently been rebuilt as well as the carburator , and she runs beautiful and quiet , like a true Packard motor does. She was subject of an older restoration , and has been a California car most of her life , which shows in the solid body. The paint is old but very presentable , as is the interior and the brightwork. This car would make a great touring car and will be welcome at any event. Vehicle no. 178471 , with date 8 / 19 / 29 on original datatag , frameno. 178289 , + 178876c + on engine and 053973 on firewall. Invest not only in your pleasure since it's always later than you think ; now is also the time to invest in " precious metal " !! YES, I CAN ship to your doorstep anywhere on the globe. Priced right too ! SOLD , GOING TO BELGIUM , THANKS MARCEL !

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