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This is a super rare car , a Beautiful Duesenberg II Weymann Speedster reproduction. Of only about 25 cars total , this is actually the only car built in the late 70's by Elite Heritage Motorcars that's all exactly like the original ; 153.5 wheelbase , Supercharger pipes on pass.side only .correct colourscheme , siren , horn , the works ! The original was built for a eccentric millionaire , a mr. Whittell - who was a honourary fireman - and actually owned five Duesies at a time when a Duesenberg like his was $20,000 and a "regular" car only $500 ! Kinda like owning 5 Bugatti Veyron's in todays money ! I once owned and sold this beauty to a good friend of mine , who had it cosmetically restored and further customised by AREA 51 , a great shop run by Patrick Penfold in Holland , N.Y. A true " King of the Road " car ! SOLD , THANK YOU !

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