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THIS WAS MY PERSONAL TOY, A 1933 / 1982 Duesenberg II " continuation " Boattail Speedster. This is 1 of only 3 ( yes, THREE ! )factory built by Elite Heritage Motors in Elroy, Wisconsin, who owned the Duesenberg name at the time. So , in a way these are "real" Duesenbergs , kind of like a Bugatti Veyron nowadays..These cars sold 25 years ago between $150 -$170,000 ( No story , I can document this ) so imagine if you could have one built today ; you'd be looking at probably $400-500 K ..The quality is very , very high on these cars and they have their own "elite" following. Believe me , I know ; I've owned at least 7 of these beauties ! Go to my homepage and do a search website and fill in Duesenberg, you'll see them ! HOWEVER : This particular Speedster is much different from the others built in that it has 18" wirewheels instead of 16 " discs , she has different bumpers , different fenders , she has runningboards , dual sidemounts , different headlights , a golfbagdoor etc.. ! Called a Torpedo Roadster , this low 8000 mile car might even be the only one left , who knows ? I've never seen any of the other two anywhere..Does anyone know ? Please let me know if you do ! What a car , truly the King Bee..Rides supernice too.I've owned a real Duesenberg too , but this is definately the one to REALLY enjoy without any paranoia ( although I agree that depends on how fat your wallet is ; very few people are fortunate enough to be able to own a original car , and who do not have to worry about driving and parking it anywhere ) I further " perfected the car with a correct Duesie steeringwheel , and a mahoganywood flip open dash to cover the a.c. controls etc. The custom Mahogany wood on the " boat tail " was also done by my friends from C.F.BOATS , as well as the wood floor ; looks awesome ! Just had a major service done in jan. 2009 , at my friend Patrick Penfold's restaurationshop near Buffalo , N.Y. ( called area 51 ), who also built me the really cool looking sunvisor I wanted. Makes the windshield look lower and the car look meaner ! SOLD , sorry..

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