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This beautiful Rolls is essentially a totally original car , unmolested and having had just a few owners. ( among them one family owned her for approx. 60 years ! ) She started her life as 379LR , a Springfield built car , Avon bodied by Brewster , left hand drive .( one of only about 1200 ever produced )She was sold new on 12/18/29 to a mr.Murray , then found her way to a mrs. Kelsie Kilvert in early 1932 , who at the time was living at the famous and expensive hotel Crillon in Paris , France . She must have been a very wealthy lady , for she must have spent a fortune to have the car rebodied as a Sedanca De Ville in Paris by one of the most famous coachbuilders of that era : Kellner. ( Kellner bodyno. 18121 ) Compare these sleek very European lines , lower windshield and body , combined with the beautiful big Marchall headlights with other , more " normal " Rolls body styles of that time ; Biiiig difference ! Among many other very important cars , Kellner also bodied one of the most famous " king of the hill " cars in the world : Ettore Bugatti's personal Bugatti Royale ! Somewhere in 1948 ,the car was transferred to her chauffeur , a mr. Frank Kane , who subsequently sold the car to prof. W.S. Steiger in Columbus , Ohio. Around october 1951 the car was sold to mr. Roger M Clarke of Columbus , Ohio , and then about a year later, on oct. 11th , 1952 , to mr. S.E. Lawfer of Allentown , PA , who sold it tomr. L Henderson of Bridgeton , NJ on dec. 7th of 1956. In fact , mr. Henderson owned a pre-ownedcarbusiness and traded a Graham Paige and $1000 for the car ! His son , E.Henderson inherited the car and sold her thru service of Ditmire Motorworks of NJ to mr. Larry Culley of Evansville , IN , on jan. 7 , 2002 , of whom we aqquired this lovely older lady..We are planning on giving her a " sympathetic cosmetic " restoration ,like maybe partly paint her , change the leather on the roof etc. , and enjoy her for a while.. That is , UNLESS..YOU want to have her in your coachhouse next ! It is not often that one has the oppurtunity to own such a beautiful , important car with such beautiful sleek coachwork. The marque a Great one ; the hood a mile long ; the windshield slanted and low ; the coachwork phenominal and the wheelbase huge (150 " ) ; the correct formula to get a true carnut's blood flowing faster ! Sold..Merci Alexander !

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