Vintage cars for sale

This nice pearl white Cloud III lefthanddrive has a factory sliding sunroof and a.c.. It has had a professional engine and transmissionconversion. She now sports a 500 cu. Cadillac engine with autotrans ; kinda nice as far as dependability and ease of maintanance. The wood is nice and the leather is not dry and has no rips or tears. I've sold this car to a friend in Holland, Europe about 5 years ago , and he has been using it strictly for weddings , and been making lots of $$$ with it ! I've recently traded it back in on another car, and I can sell it anywhere on the planet. Currently, car is located in Holland, import duties have been paid , and Dutch registration has been issued. It has just been mandatory tested mechanically by a government authorised garage ,and has past that inspection ( called APK ) Sellingprice is $30.000 or 25000 EURO'S. Now, if you live in Holland and want to make an easy extra income, let me know, and I'll gladly hook you up with Hans from Willy's limousine service, who already has around 7000 EUROS worth of future bookings for this particular car ! Or, I can ship the car anywhere you live..Car runs and drives fine , and at this time there are only minor cosmetic things to be done. ONLY 25000 EURO'S !!! Compare !

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