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From its introduction in December 1928 till the last car was built in 1937, the original Duesenberg® was the finest car in the world, both in quality, design and in performance. Also the most expensive car in the world, Duesenberg® was the standard for luxury automobiles and sold only to the very affluent, the movers and shakers of their time , excentric millionairs , industrialists , movie stars etc. Since the last Duesenberg® was delivered 65 years ago, the value of the original cars has risen to well over the million dollar range and the mystique of this rare and beautiful work of automotive art has continued to make the name Duesenberg® the most recognized for the ultimate in quality and value. This Duesenberg II was handbuilt in 1979 by Elite Heritage Motors to exactly reproduce the looks and size. A staggering 153.5 " wheelbase,over 18ft! Powerful 460 Lincoln V8,powerwindows,seat, steering,brakes etc. Cold airconditioning ; correct style and size gauges etc. Drives incredibly nice! This car stops traffic where ever you go ! A car for a moviestar ! Nothing compares, simply the best Neo classic available anywhere..SORRY, SOLD...

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