Vintage cars for sale

Look at this one guys ! Purist beware / stop reading ! You're gonna get sick looking at this ..Now, if you're NOT a purist, you may get happy reading the following: A great everyday driver that your local gas station mechanic can service, and that burns rubber when you want it to.. Think a 427 cu. V8 will do the trick ? Well. it does ! Somebody spent over $30000 converting this car, but not just the engine; the notoriously problem plagued, expensive to fix brakesystem was totally changed ! She now has U.S. power disc brakes ! A lot of the electrical system was updated too, so no fear of mr. Lucas here ( the " prince of darkness" as some refer to him..) A new airconditioning system was fitted too, and it's blowing ice cubes ! The paint is o.k., shines nice, the chrome is pretty good and the leather is nice and soft. She runs and drives great ! This will make you a nice, reliable Rolls you may want to use everyday, or rent it out for weddings and earn your money back in no time ! Asking only $25000 ! Only the crazy Dutchman from Victorycars can offer you a deal like this ! Better hurry...

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