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TRUE BARNFIND !!! Here we have what has to be one of the still missing Duesenberg II dual cowl phaeton bodies , built by Elite Heritage Motors in Wisconsin. All but 2 have been accounted for , and I was able to purchase this one together with the other missing one. They were sitting for over 25 years in a barn in upstate N.Y. together with another Duesie II , one of the 5 built Murphy roadsters and a SSJ shortwheel base bodied roadster. I had been chasing these cars for 23 years , ever since I spoke to the - now passed - father of the sons I now was finally able to purchase all those cars from ! Talk about patience..Although there's no supporting paperwork other than a bill of sale , there were wheels in the car with the Heritage logo on it , and one can clearly see the body is identical to the othere built, and the distinctive Duesenberg grille is something one cannot easily reproduce. Given the fact that these 2 Dual cowls were sitting together with the Murphy Roadster , the SSJ and plenty other interesting cars for such a long time , it is my professional opinion that it is safe to assume there ARE the two DB II bodies that were unaccounted for untill now. An attempt was made to put these 2 cars together ( the other one I'm keeping for now ) and this car is sitting on what appears to be a Chevrolet truck frame. What you see is what you get ; a rare chance to put together one of these great 30's era's cars. Duesenberg II's are fetching strong money currently , and the original cars are - as they always were - unattainable for a " regular guy " since they are now several million dollars. Please realize the potential of what this car can bring when finished. A great project with a big reward in the end ! Drivingwise and investmentwise ! Please CALL me for more info , as I'm on the road most of the time chasing classic cars , thanks ! Car to be sold on a bill of sale only.

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