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1928 Rolls Royce 27 Litre V12 METEOR engined special. Yes , 27 litre.. That's a little bit more than you've got in that big block car of yours , haha ! Go figure that in cubic inches !! That's about 4 x 350 cu. V8's !! This car is truly wild ! This "special " was initially built by my friend Stig in Finland and we did a deal and it was shipped to me in Florida. I re-designed everything from the windshield back and commisioned my friends at CF Boats in ft.Lauderdale to do the work. It became a torpedo bodied , dual cowl , dual V windshield car and I'm quite pleased with the result. Thousands of hours were spent on it and it shows. It's wild ! The goal was to make it look " old" and original , and we did reach that goal ; people simply love it. The car definately looks old and original. Look at the gauges , the brass windshield , the " weathered " leather interior , the cool steering wheel etc . ! After having debuted at the Festival of Speed in Orlando with great succes , she was invited at the Concourse d'elegance in Boca Raton on feb. 23rd 2014 , even though it was not a original car , and the people absolutely loved it ! On the hour , we started her up for a few minutes of " flamethrowing and thunder " Fun , fun , fun !!! For the man who thought he had it all ; 650 hp of flamethrowing car art and drivable too ! SOLD !!!!! THANK YOU , GIL IN ATLANTA !!

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